English, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian languages written, oral, simultaneous, consecutive translations of different complexity
A company that provides military translation. First working experience in 2016 and its results indicated that this specific type of translation is in high demand and meets the challenges of the time given the hostilities in Eastern Ukraine since 2014. Progressive militarization of Ukraine which was aimed at protecting the territory, cooperation with developed partner countries that helped and trained us, have thus formed the demand for military translations, provided gradual and substantial support in our work, and as a result have increased the team’s skills and qualification level. Seven-year working experience with the armed forces of different countries, some of which are Canadian Armed Forces, the Unified Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Denmark, let us shape and select over 80 highly skilled military translators, best among others as they are well versed in practical military, military medical and other important terminologies. Our Mission Current work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the warfare against the Russian Federation, as well as their professional training, also contain a part of the meticulous and at times very hard and dedicated work of our experienced military translators at various locations across Ukraine. And we still want to be useful to our country and to all those who advance the victory. Our slogan is “The difficult we do right away. The impossible takes a little longer!”

The field working conditions and challenging tasks have never scared us off. We won’t be taken aback by difficult locations or different weather conditions, and even nighttime shifts can’t stop and won’t stop us. We want to make sure that your activities in Ukraine will be reinforced by efficient, enabling, and secure interpreting services wherever and whenever you need them.


(consecutive, simultaneous, whispering translations, translation via phone or video) of any complexity in a variety of military areas, moreover:

– in a classroom and conference hall;

– out in the field and on range.

*Written translation of any type decoding and audio transcription, production of subtitles, etc.


We will pick up for you professional translators following your terms and requirements.

Detailed approach to providing services is discussed and agreed in each individual case.

Support in language acquisition

We will teach you to speak and understand Ukrainian language.Level to be acquired, study conditions, schedule and approach to achieving success result, will be specifiedindividually.

Customer support

During your stay in Ukraine our employees will accompany you to provide help, guidance and perform timely the tasks set by you.

The approach to providing this service is agreed individually, in accordance with your requirements and expectations.

Our customers are: the Canadian Armed Forces, the Unified Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Denmark, and State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms (as a subcontractor)

Our experience includes but is not limited to cooperation with: The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the General Staff of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the National Army Academy, all Ukrainian Combat Training Centers, various educational institutions, etc.

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