Military translation is one of the most difficult areas of translation because the translator daily encounters not only numerous latest technical equipment and types of weapons that have no analogues in Eastern Europe, but also forced to convey as accurately as possible information on combat methods (offensive and defensive), algorithms of navigation, troop leading procedure and the military decision-making and planning process that simply did not exist until recently in Ukrainian realities.
Therefore, in order to translate information correctly, the translator must go into these processes and details and master them on a theoretical level, in order to avoid mistakes that in today’s conditions can cost someone their life or health. And this can be done only with practical experience and daily communication with colleagues and representatives of the armed forces.
In addition, the multicultural aspect and semantics of the cultural component are additional burdens for the translator, which, unfortunately, can only be obtained in practice. Having received all this knowledge in peacetime, we are ready to use it in time of war.

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