Given the specifics of the current situation in Ukraine, our company is ready to provide assistance to foreign journalists, photographers and camera crews during their business trips to Ukraine in wartime.

We are ready to offer services of the best translators with an additional service of a fixer.

Each of us will be happy to assist you with:

– providing informational support on all issues related to the trip and work of the film crew;

–  finding accommodation, booking hotel rooms;

– meeting and arranging a transfer to the place of residence;

– ensuring safety of stay for all members of the film crew in our country;

– organizing meetings with the “right” people;

– providing services of personal transport and driver (if required).

Service of a fixer can also be provided remotely. In case if for any reason the film crew cannot come to the country, a fixer will provide the necessary information through available communication channels.

       OUR FIXERS 

• are fluent in one or more foreign languages ​​(proficiency in English is obligatory);

• have perfect command of military terminology;

• possess knowledge of local laws, areas and national traditions;

• ready to work in a multitasking mode;

• know the protocol.


–  translators by training, as well as have necessary organizational skills;

– responsible and very diligent;

– extremely brave and confident;

– sociable and able to obtain necessary endorsement;