Linguistic Service, LLC

Due to several requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation, the company was established in 2016 as an auxiliary asset in entrepreneurial activity. The essential prerequisites include expansion of the dominant activity type, increase in the number of staff, the extension of the geography of the service provision, an increase of the main assets, etc.
Management of the company was organized to stand all challenges of the up-to-date market requirement under the need for rapid and high-quality provision of translation services in the military sphere.

Because of the military interpretation complexity, the high level of technical expertise, vast subject knowledge, the constant development and improvement of personnel and their skills, modern military subjects, and terminology acquisition, participation in the training have become an absolute necessity. Provision of translation in military topics equates to intricacies of translations in medical, legal, and other specialized, complex, functional, and scientific areas. As of now, the company is a proven leader in translation and interpretation services provisions within Ukraine.

1 years
of experience
1 countries
around the globe cooperate with us

Our regular customers include: Canadian Armed Forces, Unified Armed Forces of The Kingdom of Denmark, Science-Control Institute of Biotechnology, and Strains of Microorganisms (as sub-contractor), etc.

We cooperate with: the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the General Staff of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, MP of Ukraine, The Academy of Land Forces of Ukraine, all Combat Training Centers in Ukraine, etc.

Our Success

Our success is an undeniable result of efficient operational management and administration of all activities, skillfully entwined and reinforced with performance and team effort. The significant importance of our assistance shouldn’t be downplayed. The staff fully understands the impact of our help and contribution to Ukrainian society and other countries taking part in military training missions.

Through the long-standing professional selections, rigorous tests, numerous interviews, we were able to find and employ the best experts in the military translation field. All our linguists have undergone the certification process and obtained the necessary qualification. Our manning policy has allowed us to proudly claim the lack of staff turnover; there is also a constant tendency to increase the number of specialists upon demand.

Currently, we are providing written, consecutive, and simultaneous translation services for the Canadian Armed Forces around Ukraine. Additionally, the company has a pool of more than 100 (freelance) linguists involved regularly.

Nowadays, the company, on average, provides services in the scope of 5-7 thousand hours of consecutive/simultaneous translation per month.

Our experience and convenient location allow us to provide a linguist at any location within Ukraine in 48 hours. Our mobility and flexibility allow customers to receive the required services in full-scope within different regions of Ukraine.

It should be pointed out that our linguists confidently carry out interpretation during official events, negotiations, and meetings held by international organizations, Ukrainian officials, diplomatic missions, etc.

Since cooperation with the military differs from the civilian sphere, which the management of the company pays special attention to matters of safety, security, and confidentiality.

We will be delighted to cooperate with you!



LLC “Linguistic Service”

5/2 Melnyka Str.,

Lviv, Ukraine


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